We choose the right light for your ideas.

Hinrichs Licht-Druck GmbH
We choose the right light for your ideas.

Our print media for reflection-artwork prints

  • Digitex deco light® (Dynajet L110®): fine polyester fabric, white, acrylate-coated on one side (100% PVC-free), thickness 0.13 mm, 135 g/sq. m, flammable with difficulty (fire protection classification B1). Generally finished with rubber strip, ideal for indoor applications in conjunction with our HLD Easy Frame rubber strip frames.
  • Digitex Eclipse: polyester fabric, white with black, opaque rear panel, total weight per unit area 300 g/sq. m, flammable with difficulty (B1 certification), fields of application: projection-screen and projection surfaces, indoor-furnishing fabric, trade-fair stands, wall hangings, wall fasteners, display systems and wallpaper.
  • Solvotex Artist Light: high-quality polyester fabric banner, 200 g/sq. m. Ideal for vividly coloured, photorealistic, large-format prints. Fire protection classification B1, up to 500 cm in width.
  • Mediatex® Presto FR: material: 100 % polyester fabric with bright-white polymer coating on one side – 200 g/sq. m (PVC-free). Flammable with difficulty (B1 certification). Very vividly coloured ! application indoors and briefly outdoors.
    Oekotex Standard 100, PVC-free, no white cracking, elastic, dirt-repellent, airtight and watertight. Sewable for inflatable advertising media and giant figures.
  • Digital glass: glass fabric, polyurethane-coated. 270 g/sq. m, non-combustible (fire protection classification A2). Diffuse light with backlighting using LEDs. Areas of application: banners, stage construction, trade-fair construction and both salesroom and showroom decorations. Sensitive to bending like all glass fabrics!
  • Blockout Banner: fine polyester fabric, white, PVC coating on both sides, total weight per unit area 760 g/sq. m, flammable with difficulty (fire protection classification B1), printable on both sides, suitable for processing with fused joints.
  • Digitex Opaque: fine polyester fabric, white, acrylate and soft cotton flock coating on both sides, textile look and feel, flammable with difficulty (fire protection classification B1), insensitive to bending and foldable, printable on both sides, finished with silicone rubber strip. Applications: perfect for our HLD Easy Frame aluminium frames, trade-fair and stage construction, stretch wall coverings and indoor advertising banners printed on both sides.
  • Frontlit canvas: polyester fabric, white, 450 g/sq. m, flammable with difficulty, weather-resistant, UV-stabilised. Production width up to 500 cm, larger formats are manufactured with fused joints. Generally finished with metal eyelets in a hem fused all-round or with tensioning hooks such as on our HDL Diamant backlit mounting frame. Fields of application: outdoor banners, such as façades, scaffolding, perimeter advertising, e.g. on football pitches and for road races etc.
  • Self-adhesive film: high-performance PVC film, service life up to 7 years. Field of application: all types of advertising sign, medium-term advertising campaigns outdoors and brilliant photographic printing in conjunction with protective matt plastic film for our 3D adhesive-mounted products onto canted Masterbond premium panels.

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