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Always the right light(box) for your ideas

HLD Smart K 100 Eco Light

HLD Smart K 100 eco

The 100 model if you have a very tight advertising and promotion budget at your aposal. Same design but lower power consumption. Maximum stability thanks to the 100 mm-thick section with three hollow chambers, shadow gaps on all sides, cabling cavities and substantially reduced power consumption by comparison with the smart K 100 with only slightly reduced brightness. The model features eccentric discs for hanging on the wall. Lit by power LEDs from the rear side of the frame. Also available as a dimmable version. Stretch-covered with transparent polyester fabric and with flat-rubber strip finish. Supplied ready to connect (in two or more parts which we assemble on site in the case of larger formats).

12-part HLD module backlit mounting frame Smart K 100
Measurements 4,70 m x 8,30 m