Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Hinrichs Licht-Druck GmbH
Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Our print media for opaque and reflective prints

  • Dynajet L110®
    Fine polyester fabric, ideal in connection with our “Easy Frame”- clamping frames.
    For exhibition and stage construction, shop fittings, but also well suited for decorative prints in the private sector, medical practices, exhibitions in museums.

    135 gsm
    Lightweight, fine fabric, polyester with one-sided acrylic coating
    Assembly with silicone piping
    100% PVC-free, phtalates free, Oekotex standard 100
    flame retardant B1, M1
    UV and latex printing

  • Mediatex® Presto
     100 % polyester fabric with bright-white polymer coating on one side.  Very vividly coloured ! Light guillings in trade fair construction, aluminum clamping systems, promotion tents, stage construction. Suitable for indoor use and for short-term outdoor use. Even with very large formats easily up and down several times because of absolute kink insensitivity.
    Also very suitable for decorative prints in the private sector, medical practices, exhibitions in museums, …

    200 gsm
    Lightweight textile fabric
    Color intensive and rich in contrast
    Assembly with silicone edge
    100 PVC-free, Ökotex standard 100
    Extremely kink-insensitive, no stress whitening
    Dirt repellent, air- and waterproof
    flame retardant B1 certified
    UV or latex printing, also Solvent / Eco Solvent

  • Digital glass
    glass fabric, polyurethane-coated.
    For Banners, stage and fair construction, sales room decorations, decoration and design in public buildings.270 gsm
    Glass fabric, with visible fabric structure, polyurethane-coated
    Non-flammable (fire protection class A2)
    Diffused light with backlighting with LEDs
    Very kink-sensitive like all glass fabrics
    UV print

  • Dynajet Dynopaque (Blockout)
    Exhibition and stage construction, wall coverings and double-sided printed banners and curtains indoors.275 gsm
    Both sides can be printed
    100% polyester with acrylic coating
    PVC-free, phtalate free, solvent free
    Flame retardant B1 / M1
    Kink insensitive and foldable
    Assembly with silicone-edge

  • Digitex Opaque (Blockout)
    fine polyester fabric, white, acrylate and soft cotton flock coating on both sides, textile look and feel.
    Exhibition and stage construction, wall coverings, indoor decoration and two-side printed curtains indoors.320 gsm
    Printable on both sides, acrylic and cotton flock finish
    100% polyester with acrylic coating, blockout barrier
    PVC-free, heavy metal-free
    flame retardant B1, M1
    Packaging, e.g. with hemstitch, sewn
    Latex and UV printing

  • Blockout Plane (Blockout)
    Heavy double-sided  material for street banners, similar to truck tarpaulins

    760 gsm
    Both sides can be printed
    Polyester fabric, white

  • Frontlit
    Solid material for outdoor banners, similar to truck tarpaulins, for facades, scaffolding, banner advertising.

    450 gsm
    White polyester fabric
    Polyester fabric, white, PVC coating on both sides
    Weather-resistant, UV-stabilized
    Production width up to 500 cm, larger formats are possible with welds. Assembly usually with metal eyelets in a welded   seam or with tension hooks.
    UV or latex-print


  • Self-adhesive Film
    High performance PVC film, shelf life up to 7 years. Application: Advertising signs of all kinds, medium-term outdoor advertising and brilliant photo printing in conjunction with matt protective film for our “3D laminations” on folded Masterbond Premium boards.
    Alternatively, we offer prints on a matte SK film for short-term (~ 1 year) use indoors. Inexpensive, as usable without laminate coating. Easy to glue even for inexperienced and residue-free removable.