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Hinrichs Licht-Druck GmbH
Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Acoustic panels

Sound-absorbing pictures: thermo-sublimation prints in conjunction with Ecophon panels as insulating material ensure enhanced room acoustics.
Ideal for all rooms producing echoes. Our soundproofing pictures ensure a hushed soundscape in open-plan offices, in cafes and in restaurants, and also there are possible practical uses in the home – if you like listening to loud music or in order to reduce street noise for instance.
The maximum panel size of the Ecophon panels is 1.20 x 2.70 m and any format can be supplied within this size range (but small pictures provide an ineffective sound-absorbing result).
Larger frames on request.
The prints are secured with silicon edge in the section of the narrow aluminium frame – the pictures can thus be exchanged easily and as often as required on our acoustic panels too.

Incidentally, you can also use our acoustic frames as room dividers: we also manufacture two-side frames . Combine several smaller elements where large areas look too massive.