Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Hinrichs Licht-Druck GmbH
Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Lamination behind acrylic glass

Any format up to approx 1.50 x 3 m (and virtually any shape) is possible here as well; we can process XT or GS acrylic glass in thicknesses of 3 – 20 mm.

We print on UV-stable photographic paper of outstanding quality as regards color space, and light-fastness. Special effects can be achieved in conjunction with our metallic photographic paper.
As standard, we use a composite aluminium panel as carrier plate since it guarantees freedom from distortion as far as possible. The print is laminated behind the glass with a transparent adhesive film, developed specifically for acrylic adhesive mounting, and both are then mounted on the carrier plate.
For hanging, we bond non-twist aluminium U-profile strips for frameless free hanging with clearance from the wall. Either mounted only at the top and bottom or, even better, also bonded all-round, they enhance the stability of the panels even more.

This method is not advisable for prints supplied by the customer and neither is it generally possible since it requires an extremely smooth, homogenous surface.

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