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Always the right light(box) for your ideas

Protective laminates


Printed images  (apart from fine-art papers which always remain non-laminated) get often laminated with a protective plastic film which ensures insensitivity and also upgrades many pictures and reinforces the visual impact even more. The very thin protective films are attached on one side under high pressure using the cold-roll lamination method (not to be confused with pouch lamination as used for instance for menus in catering).
We offer matt protective plastic film, satin-finish protective plastic film, glossy film and – our highlight – a high-gloss protective plastic film whose impact is very close to that of adhesive mounting behind acrylic glass.
Pictures protected by lamination can be washed off with a soft damp cloth. But be careful at the edges: admittedly the print itself is sealed but water is able to penetrate at the cut edges.


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